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Healthcare CRM for Patient Management

Know more about healthcare CRM that aids your hospice space. Provide proper care without any negligence and get faster updates about all patients who get in and out every day. Keeping a tab on the doctors on your payroll becomes easier than ever with the Kapture medical CRM software. To ensure patients’ safety and proper channeling and communication with hospital staff, CRM software for healthcare industry is the need of the hour. Healthcare professionals take great care of their patients and this is just another step in that direction.

Know everything there's to know about your patients

By tracking their activities and fetching data from other patient management tools

Build 360° Patient Profile

Get to know your patients as people, by weaving information together from multiple data sources. Access patient demographics, social profiles, behavioral data (activity tracking, conversation tracking – phone calls, emails, text messages & walk-ins), medical & appointment history (supplied by them, and by fetching from your other caregiving tools).

Have Patient Details Handy (always) For a hassle-free experience

An integrated healthcare CRM with access to all of the patients’ history and doctors’ schedules helps you provide impeccable experience to your patients every step of the way.

For instance: When a repeat patient calls to book an appointment, use their history (diagnosis, prior treatment, physician, etc.), and fix an appointment accordingly.

Predict What Your Patient Might Need

Predict what your patients might need based on their activities, medical & family history, and related conditions, and deliver exactly what they expect. This would help in patient retention, by helping them take steps to curb preventable conditions even before they emerge. Proactive management of health conditions helps foster better patient relationships.

Automate Operational Tasks

Lower operational costs by reducing your teams' manual tasks

Automate Appointment Booking
Automate Inquiry Distribution
Automate Patient-Doctor Mapping
Automate Feedback Collection

Take Appointment Request from Multiple Channels


Let your customers place appointment requests to you over the phone while the CRM tracks all calls and gathers every detail onto a single inbox.


Integrate emails of individual centers and track the number of appointment requests coming in everyday.


With easy web form integrations, get a collaborated view of all requests coming through multiple forms spread across multiple pages on your site.

Partner Sites

Seamless integration with healthcare lead generation sites and other EMR portals reduces your chances of missing on any lead and brings to you all necessary information at one place.

Why You Need Healthcare CRM?

Till recently, doctors would not pay much heed to either marketers or marketing, but not anymore, especially after the advent of customer relationship management or CRM solutions for healthcare, which assimilates operational processes and improves customer relations for maximized efficiency.

Additional Features
  • Get Your Patient Information in One Place
  • Personalize Communication with Patients
  • Create and Manage Appointments
  • Tracking assigning priority, deadlines & completion status
  • Creating custom reports for comparing ROI from the launched campaigns, track the rate of patient no-shows, etc.

Manage Patients and Physicians accross all centers in One Platform

We’ll bring all interactions to you unified under one single platform

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