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Specialized CRM for Education Industry

Application Management

Includes criteria-based applicant ranking, generation of student ID after fee payment and ability to restrict applicants with outstanding fee or any other conditional requirements.

Course, Program & Lecturer Scheduler

Defines course details like course type, credit points, priority hours. Captures details of program type curricula along with details of lecturers, weekly availability, workload logs and courses.

Fee Management

Projection of notifications for Admission fee and due-dates, generation of auto-SMS/emails to qualified applicants /parents and payment gateway integration for online payments.

Convert Inquiries To Enrollment

Capture leads from all channels

Capture leads from website, banner ads, inquiry generation directories, telephone, email and social media with out of the box connectors

Automate Your Admission Process

Don’t let a single inquiry or opportunity slip through the cracks – with automated and personalized communication, followups and notification

Reduce response time to zero

Send relevant and personalized messages as soon as the lead gets captured and engage them till admission team makes a connect

Understand applicant's motivation

Understand student’s motivations and behavior by tracking what they are doing on your website and landing pages

Send enrollment alerts

Assist your admission team by telling them the best time to make a connect. Send them alerts on email and phone

Never miss a followup

Allow your admissions officers to manage their complete schedule. As soon as they log in, they’ll see their tasks for the day.

The Fast & Easy CRM for Education Management

Education Management Software transforms schools into smart schools which are always the preferred choice for new age parents. Quick communications, Transparent operations and flawless administration can put your school ahead in the group of smart schools.

Key Features

  • Mobile Apps
  • Communication with parents
  • Geo Tracking Module
  • Announcement notification
  • Update Home-work or Circular
  • Seamless Attendance


Fee Collection

We have got you covered From High School to Universities

Dedicated Dashboard

Staff can view student details and attendance record, allowing them to plan the schedule of classes

Monitor Attendance

Give staff an easy way to monitor students' attendance through a dedicated tab on the staff dashboard.

Manage Staff

You can manage all your staff details and control their access permission for the software

Transport Details Entry

You can track location of your vehicles through the GPS tracking systems included in our software

Library Management

You can keep a track for all the books available in library as well as their issue and return.

Feedback Management

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Feedback System for Students, Staffs & Schools to improve Good to Great

Management & Institute Owners

Admission Insights

Dashboard offer a real-time picture of admits, non-admits, marketing spends & team performance to the management for effective data-driven decisions.

Track Team Performance

Custom Dashboards provides insights on teams performance across funnel ,follow ups and enquiries to the institute management.

Optimise Marketing Spent

ExtraaEdge’s analytics helps in understanding the quality lead source and fundamental ROI in your marketing efforts.

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