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Smart Call

SMART Call is one of the services of Rsoft Cloud Telephony with comprehensive list of features incorporated to help the customer in order to communicate in the emerging industries. SMART Call is nothing but a Missed Call Number that is a regular telephonic number in the form of a Virtual Number. The Virtual Number can be either in the format of Landline, Mobile or Toll-free Number. SMART Call Service is the most extensive marketing tool for all business types to reach targeted audience. This solution is simple to avail by configuring through a single Virtual Number.

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Smart Announcement

SMART Announcement provision aids to reach bulk audience instantly as implemented enumerated techniques. One method of announcement is to give information and another one is to receive information as stated below. Indeed, an expensive infrastructure for provision of Voice services in general. Although no certainty of maximum reachability of client. SMART Announcement is being overwhelmed to maximize the reachability percentage via Text/Voice solutions and brought up application.

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Smart Number

SMART Number is one of the services of our smart family of Cloud Telephony. SMART Number is nothing but a Virtual Number. Virtual Number is a regular telephone number, exploited for call-forwarding. It creates an ability to stay connected with customers and business associates round the clock. Virtual Number is either in the format of Land-line, Mobile or Toll-free number. Why we call this as SMART Number because, one can swap the services from one service to another service in the same live dashboard instantaneously.

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Smart Conference

RSoft Cloud Telephony offers SMART Conference facility to connect pool of people in fraction on a single bridge. Our Conference Call aids several people to connect at a time and proceed with the discussion. SMART Conference Call facility is very much helpful to the Organisations to bring up-to-date of the daily activities of the resources who work remotely and allows participants to share the views merely set by the rules. RSoft provides the conference facility on Cloud and probable to scale up at any point of time.

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Smart Click

SMART Click is nothing but a Click-to-Call (CTC) service. Click-to-Call is a major product that fills the communication gap between the companies and Client. This service is majorly exploited to generate leads, reach right department and for the quality communication establishment. Accuracy of ROI premeditation helps organizations for their business enhancements. This service is easily integral with any CRM’s and ERP’s through API. RSoft has designed in the most advanced tier in two types as described.

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Smart OTP

SMART OTP Box is being designed with advanced features. A One Time Password (OTP) which automatically generated password for an authentication of the transaction. Generally, OTP will be created as a thread of characters in Numeric or Alphanumeric. OTP authentication is unique and different for every transaction which gets expired in few minutes. An OTP is highly secured and brought to a registered phone number or email.

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