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There are few industrial sectors as dynamic as the automotive industry. Car dealerships have to demonstrate outstanding customer service and competency if they want to stay ahead of their competition.

Your CRM software requirements

  • Effective sales support.
  • Manage service and customer appointments.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction so that you can retain existing customers and win new customers by word-of-mouth.

Features of Automotive CRM Solution

Contact Management

You can merge duplicates at the touch of a button, and the program will automatically notify you if any of the information entered is incorrect, missing or inconsistent. You can also enhance your address data with information from external reference databases.

Customer Dossier

It shows a chronological list of all activities, documents, correspondence, projects and ERP receipts. All information is stored in a central database which can be accessed by all authorized personnel, ensuring authentic and convincing communication.

Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard lets you keep track of your sales at all times. The dashboard displays all documents, addresses, appointments, tasks, follow-ups, phone calls, sales reports and documents.

Tasks and Complaints

This CRM solution lets you keep an eye on all tasks. You can delegate and monitor tasks and once they have been completed, you can then create follow-ups. The sophisticated filter allows you to sort and display tasks by due date, person responsible, and so on.

Phone calls

The smart "caller ID" feature enables you to see who is calling before you even pick up the phone. Calls are automatically logged & linked with the address. Phone numbers that have not been registered in your system can be cross-referenced with an external provider.


You can analyze your customer contacts, the success of marketing campaigns, and so on. Almost any type of data can be analyzed; for example, sales opportunities according to customers, products or particular brands.

RSoft Ticket Management Software

Benefits of CRM Can Bring to Automotive Industry

Customer Relationship Management solutions will undoubtedly develop system approach to customer relations. Instead of a general development, marketing and dealer teams get a big boost for improving their job and for increasing payoffs. With CRM system in automotive sphere one is likely to:

  • Have an access to complete customer information anytime
  • Contact a client on the right time in the right place with a proposal the one can be interested in
  • Plan further acts according to analytical data
  • Change marketing activities on the base of analytical reports
  • Improve processing data rate
  • Remain aware of internal working process.

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