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Sales Management Software

CRM Sales Management Software

Sales Management Software

Sales Team Management module helps sales team to plan, prioritize daily activities such as calls, followups & Visits. The module consists of Activity Screen, Due Date, Time, Email/SMS Reminders, Activity Completion Notes.

  • Plan, Assign, Track Review - Calls, Tasks & Visits
  • Send Email/SMS Reminders to Sales Team on Due Time
  • Review Missed or Overdue or Escalated Activities
  • Sales Team Tracking of Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Keep your sales followup information on cloud. Access Anytime, Anywhere.

Automate Your Sales Process In Simple Way

Sales Management System that can help your business grow faster. Double Your Sales in 90 Days

Sales activities Management System

Activity Planner

Plan daily, weekly activities of sales team in list & calendar view.

Calender Report

View sales team plan in calendar, change plans in drag & drop planner.

Activity Reminder

Send Email/SMS Reminders to Sales Team 30 minutes before due time.

Activity History

View all the activities against a specific lead or customer along with user details.

Activity Reporting

Sales team can use mobile app for daily activity reporting along with sales details.


Reports on overdue activities, activities that are not created on leads or opportunities.

Sales Report

Set sales targets for your team. Track their progress individually.

Productivity Report

Instant Intelligence to track who engages more, responds faster & collaborates more.


With automatic routing rules, instantly assigns new leads to right sales rep.

Lead Communication

Our lead communication process

1. Email

2. SMS

3. Voice

Sales Performance

Our Artificial Intelligence Reports will give your clear insights of your Prospects so that you can take actions to make them as your customer before your competitors do

  • Track the exact status of each and every prospects to understand gap which is stopping them to board in with our Prospects Report
  • Understand your team better to get good closures. You need to know who is doing well and who needs your help to close deals with our Agents Monthly Reports
  • For customers who are holding on pricing factor, send thosepersonalised coupons and vouchers to make them yours.
  • Generate repeat customers and upsell to your existing customers based on their interest and their profile with specific filters.
  • Integrate remarketing strategies specifically for your prospects and making them buy your product with our RSoft CRM Reports
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