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Send New Offers SMS, Voice Calls, Online Marketing & Email for customers to convert the potentials as buyers

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Send New Offers SMS, Voice Calls, Online Marketing & Email for customers to convert the potentials as buyers

  • For example if a customer visiting our showroom today, we can send him a reminder sms in 3 days, 5 days & 7 days and so one will make him to visit the store again. We can also attach a short code in the message and also that can notify us once the customer click on the link. We can ask our marketing team to approach the customers and help them in the sales process.
  • Everyday take the list of all prospects and generate list to add in facebook target audience builds not just brand, it also increase the sales
  • Send Alerts for people who has not visited your store/online app for a week/month
  • Take Feedback of every walkins and understand their expectation and increase the sales based on the feedback
  • New Collections Reminders/Festivals/Offers though SMS, Email, Mobile app Notifications, and voice calls
  • Track fields staff who are doing marketing activity from field and their outcome
  • Customer gets E Voucher based on the purchase made in store but redeem online though mobile purchase for Example Rs.250 Voucher for purchases up to Rs.10000
  • Monitor Live who’s is watching online store and call them to convert the sales
  • If they did not purchase then also you can throw vouchers and customers specifically to those people to increase the chances of sales
  • Loyalty Points for customers and redemption through OTP
  • Birthday/Anniversary Wishes via SMS, Email, App Notification with Unique Personalized No of Years Calculation and Name mention, option to send recording voice messages as well
  • Track the complete activities of Customer Relationship team by calls made to them every day and outcome of the same
  • Option to work with Channel Partners to give references by Mobile App and track it

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