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#1 Mobile CRM App for Sales Automation. A Mobile CRM that empower your Field Sales and Sales Managers with automatic Activity Logging and intelligent reporting.

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Why Do You Need A Mobile CRM?

We live in an increasingly fluid and interconnected world. Some say a 'mobile revolution' is underway, and the numbers back them up. The global usage of mobile devices is forecasted to reach 4.68 billion by 2019. For any sales team on the move, constant access to information has become a necessity.

When you're on the field closing a sale, getting back to the office to update the progress of every meeting, event, or sales call isn't a viable option. The hassle a manager has to go through to track the activities of their reps can become a challenge of its own. With a mobile CRM, you can easily stay in sync with any important information in real time from your smartphone.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

Access key information at any time, From anywhere

Having continuous, real-time access to customer data helps you prepare for meetings and follow-ups with leads while you're on the move.

Shorten your sales cycle

A mobile CRM keeps all your information handy so that you can invest your time anticipating your customers' needs instead of on redundant tasks.

Collaborate on the go

A mobile CRM not only benefits sales reps in the field, it also beneifts managers back at HQ who need to stay informed of their team's progress.

Enhance customer service

Focus on building customer relationships by providing quality suggestions and answering customer concerns right away.

Reduce CRM Data Entry and Increase CRM Effectiveness

A Mobile CRM that empower your Field Sales and Sales Managers with automatic Activity Logging and intelligent reporting.

RSoft Technologies

Mobile CRM App To Manage Sales Process and Customer Services

RSoft CRM Platform provides all the customer information required for sales operation to the field Sales Executives and Sales Managers.

  • Dashboards for Sales Teams and Team Managers.
  • Automatic Call/SMS/Geolocation Logging.
  • Native App Works on all mobile devices (iOS and Android).
  • Quick actions with gestures to help you work smart.

How Mobile CRM
Effective To Follow-ups.

78% of Sales Enquiries are lost because of lack of proper follow-up. Mobile CRM system enables Sales teams to track schedule and track their calls and meetings with just three clicks. RSoft CRM application provides a unique way of managing Follow Ups with just three fields; Next-Follow-up-Date, Next-Follow-up-Time, and Next-Follow-up-Type. Get Notification when things are due. Follow-up is one of the most important component of mobile sales force automation.

RSoft Technologies

Best Mobile CRM for Easy Meetings

Single Click Check In And Check Out

Log timing and Geolocation of meetings.

Add Images, docs, signature or audio as MOM.

Add notes by typing or speaking.

With RSoft CRM Mobile Apps

you can connect with your customers when you're on the move, and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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