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Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM APP

RSoft Mobile CRM

CRM for people on the move - Mobile CRM App helps sales team to access the complete CRM in the mobile phone. Sales Team can view daily plan, update customer visits & update daily sales reports. The mobile CRM app has all relevant information such as leads, opportunities, customer contacts such that the salesperson can effectively close the sale.

  • Daily Activity Plan in Mobile
  • Call, Email Clients directly from App
  • GPS Location based Activity Updates
  • Mobile CRM Works on Android & IOS
  • Access and update leads, contacts and opportunities
  • Open and share files
  • Access dashboards

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Mobile CRM Software

Mobile Attendance

Field Sales team can checkin/checkout daily attendance with GPS locations.

App for Android & IOS

RSoft CRM works on Android & IOS Mobile Phones, Tablets & Smartphones.

Customer Visit Updates

Sales team can give visit status updates in one click & automate the daily reporting.

GPS Locations & Maps

Track GPS locations of Sales team during visit update and view the details in map.

Photos & Documents

Attach documents or photos relevant to lead or customer on the go.

Map Driving Directions

Get driving directions to customer location using mobile maps with navigation.

Business Case for Mobile CRM

An investment in a mobile-capable CRM platform can pay dividends throughout your organisation

1. Sales

2. Marketing

3. Customer Service

World Class Mobile App

  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls of employees and upload in RSoft Cloud for managers to monitor, listen and guide.
  • Tracks each and every follow-up call & SMS of your staffs
  • Geo Fencing for monitoring your remote employees without deviating from focus
  • Manage your staff attendance from different locations
  • Send quotations and manage availability from customer location through simplified mobile application
  • Generate leads without using papers through our Lead capturing mobile app even you are offline or in an outdoor
  • Your employees can claim their expenses through few clicks
Phone App

Complete CRM Software