How to apply for WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API allows companies to communicate with clients on the network for free for up to 24 hours before billing, a flat cost for every text sent thereafter. This service is provided to businesses to help maximise efficiency and productivity streams via a flexible channel to provide services and maintain communications with clients.


Message app marketing has gained increasing interest across businesses in recent years. Seldom times we see business arrangements tumble without a constructive method of communication for positive prospects or clients. Nevertheless, RSoft Technologies has been sufficiently and adequately functional in addressing the need and direction for applying for a WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp being undisputed among its competitors, has proven to be the only platform truly profitable for endorsing new strategies and business plans via the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp is evidenced to be among the most effective and intuitive methods to increase customer involvement or give customer service, and to also guarantee seamless customer interaction and consumer experience.

Interestingly enough, WhatsApp Business API has limited access to particular businesses or administrations like Medicine, Government, Drug & other sensitive business fields. This is being scrutinised to resolve which businesses are welcome, and which are denied for security purposes; particularly access to WhatsApp Business API as per policy.

Eligibility Factors
Scale of Business

WhatsApp business API service is exclusively provided to medium and large scale establishments or businesses. It seems unlikely at the moment for a small scale business to be granted access to its business functions integrated via the API.

Industry or Organisation Scrutiny

Application approvals depend entirely upon the industry or organisation the API is requested for. They avoid complications that may arise due to indifferences in opinions with certain organisations or administrations that are tied up to governmental affairs. Independent software vendors, real-money sectors like gaming and gambling; adult material and entertainment; weapons; alcohol and tobacco, as well as supplements and other medical medications, are not supported by the WhatsApp API. Alternatively, real estate, financial services and eCommerce groups, retail businesses, travel, education and telecommunications are among the few that are permitted approval for the WhatsApp Business API.

Steps to Apply for WhatsApp Business API through RSoft Technologies
Choose a route of application

RSoft Technologies can assist with getting your approval upon application for WhatsApp Business API with a process that takes less than two weeks. Clients' hands will not be tied to the entire process of applying as we will be at the forefront of the game.

  • We send the contract from our side.
  • We start the integration of the API with your business post configuring the business structure and upon integration requested by the client.
  • We can proceed forward with the Facebook Business Manager ID, Phone number and Display Name which will be provided by the client upon disciplined Customer Service guidance.
  • An SMS verification code will be sent to encourage the client to start using the WhatsApp Business API via the RSoft system.
  • Basic Information

    The client will be requested to send us basic information with regard to their business and motives for the usage of the WhatsApp Business API service as follows:

  • Company Name:
  • URL:
  • Industry or Business:
  • Service Region:
  • Headquarters Location:
  • Motive for use of service:
  • Volume Predictions:
  • Service Initiation Date:
  • Once we receive all necessary and basic information from the client’s end, we should have an approval within 2-3 weeks.

    Business Account Phone Number Activation

    Post successful approval, the client will have to provide the phone number for activation.

    New phone numbers will have to be primarily activated with WhatsApp Business prior to this process. To proceed with a registered or existing phone number, the client will have to provide the below information:

  • Customer Facebook Business Manager ID:
  • WhatsApp Business Account Phone Number:
  • Name associated with the number:
  • Region for App:
  • Upon activation all communication will be halted via phone and the client will gain access via the RSoft integrated system. Clients also have the privilege to use two or more phone numbers for each WhatsApp Business Account. However, costs increase due to specified server docks being granted upon such circumstances.

    Final Steps

    Setting up a business profile is highly recommended for quick access and monitoring.

  • Message templates will need to be designed for WhatsApp notifications - (e.g. updates, news, offers and confirmations)
  • A personal project manager will be assigned to the client by RSoft Technologies to oversee the process, from initial application to submitting message templates. This approval shouldn’t take more than 3 days.
  • Honesty and integrity will be rewarded with a WhatsApp Verified Business Badge on the WhatsApp tool. However, the catch to this reward will be for businesses that send over 500 messages/day and unless your business is well-known internationally. Nevertheless, the opportunities for financial growth and brand name familiarity do not depend upon the reward.
  • Finally, using the API service for live customer service representatives or chatbots will be the best choice made for your business; and we can assure that it will be a cake-walk to apply for a WhatsApp Business API solution via ‘RSoft Technology’, considering our expertise and long time relationship successes with our clients and industry successors.