Help Desk Ticketing Management System

Help Desk Ticketing Management System

What happens when a business has exponential growth in a short period? How do we solve countless challenges and issues that may arise in an unarmed framework situation? Can the business recognize swift escalation in the numbers of customers and their requirements that are ever-increasing?

All the above questions might appear to be fearsome and thought-provoking to an entrepreneur or business management unless it is with sure necessity to eliminate such worries and make a transition to help build a safe and productive business environment. In the field of any business, problems are inescapable except that the business has a tactical improvement and restoration system in place.

To avoid prolonged problems and loss of customers due to inconsistencies and issues it is right to have a best friend in time of need such as a "Ticketing Management System". All loads of challenges can be handled with ease and monitored through a stream of resolvents and delivered with precise results within a deadline. Therefore, a Help Desk has to be in place to manage Ticketing generated to resolve all customer and employee issues in a business.

What is a Help Desk?

“A source of technical support for hardware or software. Help desks are staffed by people who can either solve the problem directly or forward the problem to someone else. Help desk software provides the means to log in problems and track them until solved. It also provides the management information regarding support activities.”
- Defined by

Help Desk in simple terms implies service panel or customer support. Alternatively, there isn’t much of a difference between help desk and service desk i.e. both generalize the need for support and assistance delivered to customers.

What’s the need for a help desk?

Irrespective of the size of industry or scale of business both need solutions to issues within short SLAs. It eliminates the need to hire support representatives without proper filtering processes when the system or tool can get the job done almost instantaneously.

  • Customers are satisfied with speedy responses.
  • Problems are solved at ease due to the presence of a help desk offering troubleshooting scenarios and resolutions.
  • Employees are satisfied with access to tools that enable them to provide a better customer experience that can be rewarding.
  • Time-Saver remedies and options to avoid unnecessary hassle and inconsistent efforts.
  • Offers a genuine long-term success of a business
  • Help Desk contributes a benefit with a distinguished Ticketing Management System that can resolve almost all the problems and inconsistencies faced by a business by providing an excellent customer experience.

    “A Ticketing Management System can be defined as a robust software used to register, organize, prioritize, and resolve support tickets. These tickets can be issues or requests requested by your employees or your customers.”

    One might ask, ‘How does it work?

    Fundamentally, the job of a Ticketing Management System are briefly understood as follows:

  • Unique Reference Number for particular issues.
  • Shared among employees and teams
  • Tracking facility for operations
  • Issue Marking Exceptions
  • For every issue or request or query received by the customer the system automatically generates a unique ticket reference number and notifies the agents or teams of the business. These can be either manually picked by an individual or they can be automatically assigned by particular commands to agents or teams based on priority, assignment or product. The process can be monitored and scrutinized from point to point and the progress of resolution or final solution can be shared with the team and customer. Working on tickets can be marked as ‘pending’ or ‘follow-up’ or ‘resolved’ or ‘closed’ depending on the attention or priority of the issue. Should similar issues arise for the same customer the same tickets can be reopened to identify inconsistencies and report grievances.

    How Does It Make Your Business Better and What Are Its Benefits?

    Creates order and maintains a systematic methodology.

    Common Inbox
  • Access is available to all employees and teams which can also be designed to be delegated to certain employees and teams.
  • Various queries and requests are delegated precisely to various departments through command options
  • Eliminating the possibility of duplicating work by assigning tickets as per escalation and priority.
  • Knowledge Base
  • Knowledge Base
  • Articles, product manuals, troubleshooting techniques and FAQs are offered through the help desk system for customers to gain access 24/7.
  • A brilliant option to cut customer support costs.
  • LIVE Chat-Support
  • Instant support for queries, requests and support for tickets raised.
  • Can update customers and others teams on the progress of a query, request or issue in the pipeline.
  • Real-Time Survey
  • Agent performance can be gauged in real-time by the end of a chat or email request.
  • Customer rating can help the business understand the productivity of the employee or team contribution.
  • Assistance can be offered by another agent or team in moments of dissatisfaction experienced by a customer over an event of untimely support.
  • Now, choosing the correct Help Desk Ticketing Management System entirely depends upon your recognition of issues and grievances prolonged in your business and weighing them against the tool offered by RSoft Technologies to eradicate the cause and destruction of factors that infiltrate the business. Your choice of our tool will not only eradicate and make flexible the outcomes of the business but will alternatively enhance the scope and projection in the direction of your business growth.