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What is RSoft IoT?

RSoft IoT helps businesses monetise their investment In IoT by routing data generated from connected devices directly into RSoft CRM, where sales, service, marketing, and other teams can act on it. Businesses now have the ability to add meaningful business value to every connected device with RSoft IoT.

Grow Your Business with RSoft IoT

Understand your customers with an entirely new level of detail. Improve everything from your product design to your marketing strategies by collecting, analysing, and sending real-time IoT data about product usage and customer behaviour straight to your CRM system..

The Internet of Things doesn’t just make new devices possible, it also makes whole new industries possible. High-profile examples include ride-sharing, home automation, electric cars, medical monitoring, even manufacturing robots.

For those ready to take advantage of it, the Internet of Things will create huge opportunities, worth trillions in increased profits over the next decade.

See how IoT Cloud connects to your bottom line.

IoT data can be invaluable, yet simply capturing the data doesn’t guarantee success. Click below to see how IoT Cloud ties your customer data to ROI:

RSoft IoT

IoT data with customer

Add business value across every connected device by understanding how your customers interact with your products.

Iot Data

Interact Your Data

Let any employee interact with your IoT data, using our natural language-based, low-code development platform.


Connect your IoT strategy

Better support customers who use your connected devices from anywhere with RSoft.

IoT Insights


Build better products and create more engaging business models with visibility into how your devices are actually used.