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Project Management

CRM Project Management

Project Management System

Small tasks make up a project and inefficiency in them leads to delay and loss. RSoft's incorporates a number of features that helps project managers in making the overall process effective, efficient and timely.

  • Availability & Pricings different projects and units (Real Estate)
  • Legal Documents (Real Estate)
  • Quotations and Inventory
  • Workflow Automation
  • Task-Record Linking
  • Custom Pipeline & Activity Sets
  • Convert Opportunities to Projects
  • Email Templates



Initializing the project, the manager can define tasks and allocate time for their completion.


The activities help in smooth completion of the project by defining every minute work involved in the project.

Customer Interaction

Let your customers see and remain updated about the progress of the project

Automate the Routine

Routine repeat jobs are important to the operation but consume both time and effort.

Approval/Decline Flow

The system facilitates a multi-level approval/decline procedure for the plans and other tasks

Actual / Budgeted Time

System allows keeping a close tab on the actual time taken versus budgeted time.

Lead Communication

Our lead communication process.

1. Email

2. SMS

3. Voice


Attach anything

Link timesheets, documents, discussions, notes, contacts and more to your projects.

Many views

View your project as a Gannt chart, timeline or project tree. Filter by activity or employee.

Custom Fields

View any customer information right inside of your project. Choose from different data types.

Template Projects

Manage and deploy new projects in zero time with project templates.

Built-in Budgeting

Manage complex project budgets and drill down into cost centers.

Email & Mobile Apps

Update projects without leaving Outlook or Gmail.

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