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RSoft CRM Specially Designed for Stock Broking Companies

financial services gives a 360-degree view of all operations. Our ERP solutions support a good range of types of industries including the financial services sector. Our business software solutions have been successfully assisting number of financial and banking related industries since decades.

Financial management software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is useful for planning resources and operations. In order to plan your activities seamlessly with spot-on forecasts, go with CRM. RSoft with its endless benefits is one of the top picks for financial services in India.

Never Miss Lead Again

Campaign Management

Seperate Lead capture for Specific campaign such as,Campaign, Missed call Leads,Trading Leads, Mutual Funds Leads and Cross Selling allows to Manage and Track the leads easily.

Lead Assignment and Notification

Irrespective of Agent absence Lead can be assigned automatically based on the rule you configured. Unprocessed Lead will be notified and escalated to Higher Authority.

Activity Tracking

Classify Hot, Warm and Cold Leads. Stock Brokers CRM helps to Track the whole Lead Process and Make it to the Opportunity.

Features of RSoft's Stock Brokers CRM

API Integration

RSoft CRM automatically enriches your data and keeps records up-to-date by syncing with a database of business.

Lead Management

CRM+ helps to identify the qualified Leads and make the brief record of communication between the customer and Business .

CTI Integration

Telecommunication with leads are directly integrated from the application portal with Call recorder option available

Role Based Access

Restricting read-only or read / write access for records based on Hierarchy level.

Automatic Notification

To Remind Scheduled followups for appointments, Approvals and preplanned activities to make stronger Relationship

EKYC & KYC Approvals

Trading account opening with EKYC and KYC doc submission, approvals & PAYIN processes and Tracking done with CRM

Login Activities

Track all the User based login activities and Branch wise login activities with Stock Brokers CRM

Campaign Analytics

Stock Brokers CRM Analyse and Findout the Best Return on investment(ROI) campaign .Target the ideal one to invest and kill the unwanted campaign.

Report & Analytics

Analyse your leads, quotes,tasks, Product, Branch wise analytics and complete process with single Stock Brokers CRM dashboard

With RSoft's CRM Mobile Apps

you can connect with your customers when you're on the move, and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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