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Super Receptionist Knowlarity Integration

Record, Monitor, Analyze, Improve Agentís Sales Calls

Click to call

Agent can directly call customers using Click to call. The click to call widget dials the customer number and connects the agent for conversation. The click to call is pre-integrated to customer data such that the call logs are maintained against the specific customer.

Call Recording

Call recording is essential to analyze the quality of agent calls. All the calls made from CRM or cloud telephony systems are available inside the CRM. The calls are linked to specific customer or lead record along with history of all the past conversation. New agents can hear the existing conversation before talking to the customer.

Call Logs

All calls (incoming, outgoing, missed calls) are stored in CRM system as call logs. The call logs are linked to specific record if the calls are from existing customers. The call logs provides essential information such has type of call, duration, time, agent name along with call recording.

Missed Calls to Leads

Missed calls are used widely as quick lead generation tool. Missed calls services are provided by cloud telephony solution provider. To create leads for missed calls, you need to enable the email alert on missed calls. The email when forwarded to CRM system will create a new lead in the software.

Cloud Telephony Integrated Software