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Why CRM Matters?

  • CRM helps you ditch clunky processes and manual effort so you can get on with business.
  • You’ll find more leads, close more deals, keep more customers and grow your business.
  • One place to store all customer information means your conversations are always personal, relevant, and up to date.
  • Customers report 37% more sales revenue, 45% higher customer satisfaction, 43% better marketing ROI*.

CRM Benefits

CRM gives the employees access to accounts, sales, services and schedules while in transmit or in the field.

1. Sales

2. Marketing

3. Services

What makes RSoft CRM Right for you?

Rsoft offering to businesses a cutting edge CRM Software in Chennai, we at Riyainfosys have not left any single aspect untouched. We have extensively studied the gamut of business needs and processes at length and have endeavoured to give the best kind of tools and functionalities to handle them so effectively. In each of its features and capabilities, RSoft has advanced several steps ahead of the existing business platforms

In addition, several innovative and added functionalities found in RSoft make it stand out unique presenting itself as the most compelling kind of software for our clients. We give Best CRM Software Solution in Chennai.

What is CRM Software?

CRM Software (or Customer Relationship Management Software) is a software category that includes applications which help businesses build strong relationships with their customers, boost conversations, and improve revenue rates based on customer data coming from multiple interaction channels (phone calls, website visits, social interactions, and so on).

Lead distribution

If you have multiple products or services, and different teams handling them, send the leads to the right team automatically

Sales Automation

If the lead moves down the sales funnel, automate simultaneous sales alerts and activities.

Integrate with the apps

Integrate RSoft with all sales apps that you use. Cloud telephony integrations allow you to capture calls as leads, and record and track phone calls for quality-control.

RSoft CRM Functionalties

Team Performance. Keeps Sales Reps Accountable For Their Leads & Deals


RSoft’s Leads tool lets businesses generate potential customer leads from multiple sources and direct customer enquiries and sort them out for the necessary follow up


Once the leads are followed up and filtered as potential sale opportunities, they are then sorted out and recorded for further action


This tool focuses on the customers who have initiated a sale activity with your organization, whether the contact pertains to individuals or businesses or organizations.


TrackLocation is a highly useful tool that is integrated with the GPS tracker. The comprehensive set of activities managed by this functionality is assigning the set of tasks to each employee, the tracking of their activities and location


Recurring sales and repeat customers base can be created only through a highly satisfactory after sale support


This tool generates periodical reports of all the above mentioned modules, creating a comprehensive record of the proceedings in the office on day to day, weekly as well as monthly basis..

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