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Bulk Voice Calls

SMART Announcement provision aids to reach bulk audience instantly as implemented enumerated techniques. This service is nothing but a Bulk Voice Calls. One method of announcement is to give information and another one is to receive information as stated below. Indeed, an expensive infrastructure for provision of Bulk Voice Calls service in general. Although no certainty of maximum reachability of client. SMART Announcement is being overwhelmed to maximize the reachability percentage via Text/Voice solutions and brought up this application.

Bulk Voice Call software is highly proficient to communicate through voice based information to huge population instantly at a time through a personalized Voice message.

Bulk Voice Calls with SMS

This feature is useful to reach to a large database instantly. Itís a plain message which can be an announcement, wishes or a notice. The distinctive feature of Bulk Voice Call has an auto re-try option that can be scheduled to reach unanswered callers correspondingly through a simple SMS or SMS with Short URL. Either the options are availed to all the unanswered numbers to convey information in text format promptly. In particular, Short URL has facility to integrate Voice, Image and Video dynamically.

We strictly follow the guidelines of TRAI regulations. Promotional bulk voice calls are pushed to DND listed numbers and only accessible between 9am -9pm. Promotional bulk voice calls are made only from Land-line number as desired from different numbers or one number either based on promotion code. Transactional bulk voice calls can be made round the clock and even reaches to DND specified numbers which ensures maximum customer reachability. Bulk voice calls software is being designed with advanced features unconventionally.

Where we can use?

1. Political Announcements

2. Management Announcements

3. Products & Services

4. EMI Reminders

5. Awareness Programs

6. Delivery & Pick-up notifications

7. Appointment Notifications

8. Vehicle Location Alerts

9. Special Day wishes

10. Lead Generation

Bulk IVR Calls with SMS

This feature is useful to gather feed-back or opinion or to do survey. Bulk Voice Calls service is executed with the integration of single level IVR. Reply SMS is sent, based on the customer DTMF input. As per the business hourís, interaction option is possible to enable the between Customer and Agent which will help in of view lead generation. Retry option and an automated SMS trigger is configurable herewith in case of no response from customerís end. As usual, SMS can be included with Short URL with dynamic integration of Image, Video and Audio.

Smart Announcement

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