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Why Choose Us?

Why RSoft?

Technology is turning smarter. Entrepreneurs are leveraging on sophisticated technology to transform their business processes. RSoft CRM is a smart business platform, the first of its kind featuring the most unique and the crucially needed functionalities that can revolutionize your business processes.

At RSoft, we know businesses need a smarter platform to catch up with the evolving demands of the digital age customers. In RSoft, Riyainfosys has bundled up a host of amazing functionalities that can let your business surge forward to the winning edge. In our effort to meet the comprehensive needs of businesses, we have not left any single business process untouched.

Why RSoft is uniquely special is due to several reasons

  • Championed by technical wizards who are passionate about creating success stories

  • Features intelligent tools to record, analyze, interpret and report all your business data

  • Cloud based and addresses all your data storage and sharing needs completely removing your data security concerns

  • Can be accessed from anywhere and any time while you are on the move

  • Every single functionality is completely customizable for your specific business plan, structure and needs

  • Can be upgraded continuously without affecting your data as your business evolves and your requirement changes

  • Can suit all kinds of businesses and specially real estate firms to address any volume and to handle big data

  • Access of data by the company personnel follows the user defined permissions and company portfolio thus maintaining strict confidentiality and security of the data

  • Thoroughly interprets each of your business processes and gives useful inputs at every stage to continuously improve them

  • Lets the top management keep a close track of all the processes in a way enabling a complete control over the business