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Smart Click

SMART Click is nothing but a Click to Call service (CTC). Click to Call service is a major product that fills the communication gap between the companies and Client. Click to Call service is majorly exploited to generate leads, reach right department and for the quality communication establishment. Accuracy of ROI premeditation helps organizations for their business enhancements. Click to Call service is easily integral with any CRM and ERP through API.

Click-To-Call | Click-To-Dial

Click to Call

This innovative feature is being designed and majorly linked to web applications and CRM dependently with two numbers which are business and Customer number. Click to Call requisition processed to connect in real time for bridging the gap between the organization and the client. Click to connect is beneficial and can connect the call as described below

  • By entering number in direct connection to the desired number.
  • Through API to relating to a predetermined database.
  • IVR service integration and configuration is possible to connect to the desired department like press-1 for Sales, press-2 for Support etc.,
  • Call forwarding applies as per the Agents availability or configurable forward option on Mobile Number
  • Auto response channels are initiated as acknowledgement via SMS, Voice and Email.
  • Post Call Survey to gain insights of customer satisfaction.

Click to Dialer

This tool can be integrated to third-party CRMs to avoid accessing of multiple channels and multiple dashboards. Initiating any call to any number is possible with Click to Dial feature. Whereas, Click to Call service is not convenient to connect to the new numbers and works efficiently to dial existing database of CRM. Both of these features of CTC accomplishes the basic need of the businesses and don't have to determine for Cloud Telephony Solutions.


1. Contact management

2. Schedule the service with start and end time

3. Contact White-Listing & Black-Listing

4. IVR integration

5. Call Recording

6. API Integration