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CRM Features & Comparison

CRM Features & Comparison

The combination of beautiful and clean design, technology and user experience, give us big advantage in the market and differentiates our work.

Features and Functions RSoft Realty Redefined Lead Squared Zoho
Marketing Campaign Management
Marketing Campaign Mgmt Project / Source Wise X X
  ROI Campaign Reports
ROI Campaign Reports X X X X
  Zero Lead Leakage
360 degree Lead Pool. Zero Lead Leakage X X
  Chat Bots Integration
Chat Bots Integration X X X X
  Online Portal Integration
Online Property Portal Integration X X
  Advanced Lead Configuration
Advanced Lead ROuting Configuration Partial X
  Cloud Telephony
Complete Cloud Telephony Partial X
  Click To Call
Click To Call Functions X X X
  Leads Pipeline
100% Configurable Lead Pipeline
  SMS & Email Workflow
SMS & Email Workflow X X X
  Lead History
Complete Lead History X
  Calls & SMS Conversation
Calls & SMS Conversation X X X X
  Mobile APP CRM
Mobile APP X
  Auto Follow-ups
Email & SMS Auto Follow-ups X X
  Email & SMS Marketing
Drip Email & SMS Marketing X
Project Specific Campaign with Landing Pages X X X
  Automated Reports
Automated Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports X Partial X
  Spl.Filter Reports
Special Filters & Reports X X X
  Activity Tracking
Daily Activity Tracking X X X
  Executive Performance Report
Performance Report of Executive X X
Advanced Site Visit Management RSoft Realty Redefined Lead Squared Zoho
Mobile App for Cust
Mobile App for Customers X X X X
  Customer Alert
Customer Alert for Executive & Managers X X X X
  Zero Lead Leakage
360 degree Lead Pool. Zero Lead Leakage X X
  Site Visit Tracking
Internal Site Visit Tracking X X X X
  Feedback Modules
Automated Site Visit Feedback X X X X
  Inventory Management
Available Inventory Management X X X X
  Channel Partner Management
Channel Partner Management & Commision Calculation Partial X X X
  Booking & gateway Integration
Online Booking Form & payment Gateway X X X X
Post Sales Specialities RSoft Realty Redefined Lead Squared Zoho
Sales Management
Post Sales Management From Welcome call to Handover Partial X X
  Payments, Schedule, Reminders
Customizable Payment Schedule, Reminders, Receipt X X
  Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Reports X Partial X X
  Payment & Int.Calculation
Delayed Payment & Interest Calculation X X X
  Down & Upload Doc
Customer Portal Login for Download & Upload the Doc X X X X
  Automated Agreement & Legal Doc.
Automated Agreement, Sales Deed and Other Legal Doc X X X X
  ERP Integration
Tally & Other ERP Integration* Partial X X
Pre Sales Module RSoft Realty Redefined Lead Squared Zoho
Calls Management
Calls Management Module X X X
  Simple Disposition for Telecallers
Simple Disposition for Telecallers Partial X X X
  Adv.Predictive Dialer
Advance Predictive Dialers Partial X X X
  IVR Solution
Voice Message with IVR X X X X
  Portal Login
Customer Portal Login for Download & Upload the Doc X X X X
  Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics Integration X X
  Manage Website Enquiries
Manage Website Enquiries X
Support, Cost & Data Security RSoft Realty Redefined Lead Squared Zoho
New Features & Security Updates
Free New Features & Security Updates
  Data Security
Banking Data Security Partial Partial Partial Partial
Advance Predictive Dialers Partial X X X
  Customized Reports
Customized Industry Standard Reports Partial X X X
  One Time Cost Option
One Time Cost Option X X X X
  Host in House Client Server
Option to Host in House Client Server X X X X
  Training & Setup
Client Places Training & Setup X X X X

Note: All details given above based on the personal demo and details take from the internet. If there is any discrepancy please email to to update the information. There is no legal stand or demand based on these information provided as this is purely for illustration purpose.

Regarding features in RSoft, not all features are available in basic version. Few features are specifically designed for customized users and all integrations details will be provided by the client.

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