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RSoft CRM Tools and Functionalities Overview

Rsoft offering to businesses a cutting edge CRM Software in Chennai, we at Riyainfosys have not left any single aspect untouched. We have extensively studied the gamut of business needs and processes at length and have endeavoured to give the best kind of tools and functionalities to handle them so effectively. In each of its features and capabilities, RSoft has advanced several steps ahead of the existing business platforms. In addition, several innovative and added functionalities found in RSoft make it stand out unique presenting itself as the most compelling kind of software for our clients. We give Best CRM Software Solution in Chennai



Leads management is the most crucial business process. rSoft’s Leads tool lets businesses generate potential customer leads from multiple sources and direct customer enquiries and sort them out for the necessary follow up. In the first place, the sources of leads are customized for your business and the accumulated leads are prioritized for follow up the effective way. As per customer definition, the representatives portfolio is generated for follow up. The representatives in-charge of follow up receive reminders in the form of SMS messages on a daily basis and their follow up activities are closely tracked, recorded and reported to the higher authorities. In case of defaults in follow up, the immediate authorities receive notifications and necessary action. Thus, the company management has got to keep track of as well as control the entire leads follow up process in different levels. The management can also view the entire backlog of the leads management activities at any date. The net result is the most effective kind of leads management and maximum prospects of converting leads into potential sale opportunities.


Managing opportunities is the next step following Leads Management. Once the leads are followed up and filtered as potential sale opportunities, they are then sorted out and recorded for further action. This segment is very vital for business promotion since it has the most potential kind of information pertaining to prospective customers who have shown active interest in your products and are most likely to give you sales. This tool has the entire information regarding the sale process generated through opportunities from starting to end. From this functionality, you can have a lot of inputs on customer behaviour, their expectations and preferences in way letting the information decide the effectiveness of the marketing strategies and campaigning through different channels.



All the qualified sales leads are culled out from the ‘Opportunities’ database and are handled by the ‘Customers’ tool. This tool focuses on the customers who have initiated a sale activity with your organization, whether the contact pertains to individuals or businesses or organizations. The complete details of the sale deal is recorded and reported with the status of the deal at any given point of time. In the second place, you can also view the stored sale information in future in order to contact your customers at any later date with announcements, offers and information regarding arising sale deals so that you have a backlog of prospective customers who might generate you continuous business besides getting you new sales contacts. Thus, this tool lets you do so much in furthering your business prospects.

Project Management

Projects can be defined as goal directed activities launched by the company with a specific set of objectives. Projects are characterized by meticulous planning, systematic execution and a detailed process management.Projects are part of the developmental plans and activities of businesses. A meticulous project management is essential for the success of every project. Project Management is an invaluable tool of RSoft that takes care of administering the entire project from starting to end. Once the project details are input in this functionality, the different progressive stages are monitored and reminders are sent to the concerned personnel regarding the tasks occurring within their domain. The team heads get regular feedback’s on the completion of tasks by the personnel in their team. Therefore, every simple task of the project execution can be ensured to perfection in a definite time line. This accounts for a successful project management. The other features of this segment also enable appraising the performance of the teams and duly taking the remedial measures to improve their performance.



Calls is a very useful functionality that lets the top management keep a track of the customer interaction activities of the company personnel. The employees of your firm represent your firm to your customers and what they speak to your customers is in fact the voice of the company. Therefore, it is necessary that you listen to what they speak and how they speak to your customers from time to time in order to assess the calibre of the personnel as well as suggest some useful inputs to improve the quality of their presentation. The call listening option will facilitate listening to calls made or attended by your company personnel. In fact, this segment keeps the call logs for all future follow up and other needs.


The performance of the company personnel is crucial for the effective functioning of your organization. You need a highly efficient system to assign them tasks on a daily basis, track their activities and judge the outcome of every single task they discharge. TrackLocation is a highly useful tool that is integrated with the GPS tracker. The comprehensive set of activities managed by this functionality is assigning the set of tasks to each employee, the tracking of their activities and location at any given point of time and continuously reporting their performance to the higher authorities. Therefore, you stay well informed of the whereabouts and performance of all your employees continuously goading them to action and motivating them to perform well. This unique kind of highly useful tool can let you significantly improve the work culture in your organization besides continuously appraising your employees’ performance.



Today’s business environment is turning highly security conscious. The visitors to every organization can be grouped under different heads depending on who they are and on what grounds they visit. The Visitors tool meticulously records the complete information of the visitors with all the required details in a way effectively ruling out the unreliability, hassles and inaccuracy connected with the paper based manual visitor records. The purpose and outcome of every visit is duly recorded and reported in a way keeping a complete track of what happens to them right from the front office till the time they leave your organization. This too is highly useful both to enhance security, keep track of the movements inside and outside your organization, and also increase the productivity of your firm.

Apart from tracking, recording and reporting the physical visits of people, the visitors module can also be used to keep a backlog information on the phone calls and couriers received by the front office personnel. In this way, the top management can keep a close track of every small activity and movement that happens in the front office.


This is an incredibly useful tool for all businesses. These days, businesses are spending a huge amount on running SMS campaigns to reach out potential customers with their products and services. Coming as an integral component in RSoft, this feature allows you to send customized SMS messages to people in bulk quantities. With just one click, you can forward SMS messages to multiple contacts thus saving time, money and effort. Not only manually composed messages, you can also program automated notifications to be send to the customers or contacts in a definite time schedule. This feature can effectively meet the work flows in the CRM. In this way you can send notifications to your company personnel, existing customers, other prospective buyers and leads. In specific intervals reminders can be programmed and sent automatically to the concerned phone numbers without any hassles in a perfectly timed manner. Thus, human errors can be minimised, over head costs can be saved enormously and effectiveness of performance can be achieved thereby boosting your sales and company image.

rSoft’s SMS functionality is uniquely advantageous in the sense that it can be thoroughly checked and messages can be resent if there are any errors. The sender identity will carry your business name and also the brand image of your products or services in a way presenting your products to your customers in a very unique and highly professional way.



Recurring sales and repeat customers base can be created only through a highly satisfactory after sale support. Once the service is delivered or the products installed at your customer’s location, your customers might need to contact your firm with some queries, after sale service requests, trouble shooting problems and operational doubts. They can do the same via the dedicated portal just entering their complaints for your company personnel to attend. Once a complaint is lodged, the Tickets tool gives them a complaint number and takes in the complaint. The complaint is then forwarded automatically to the concerned section for follow up and necessary action. Till the case is resolved and the report is entered in the system, continuous follow up is pursued thereby quickening and channelizing the work flow. Your company personnel can make use of this functionality to generate, communicate, edit, and finalize the cases once the solution is given to the customers. You can also review the data base in the tickets section to study the kind of complaints received and the actions taken in a way studying about your products, the customer experience and the effectiveness of your service. Thus, besides enhancing the effectiveness of the after sale support, this tool also lets you improve the quality of your products and services.


Claims is a particularly useful tool that is programmed to accept, follow up, track, settle and close the claims. In fact, the claims division is a separate segment in several businesses requiring so much of manpower in clerical and supervisory cadres. The claims tool lets your firm receive the customer claims, record them, forward them to the concerned section, follow up the resolving process and record the way they are settled. On the other side, the reimbursement from the provider to the payer is taken in, verified and paid off to the concerned parties. If the claim is rejected, then it is notified and closed. This incredibly effective claims processing tool lets your firm save on manpower, costs, hassles and efforts besides significantly improving the performance.



Email is the inbuilt component of rSoft that allows you to achieve the host of CRM related functions on incoming mails. While you receive emails in your inbox, you can use this feature to generate Leads, create Contacts and Organizations, channelize Tickets, and create to do lists from the emails received. This feature will let you sort all the incoming mails on the basis of their contents, queries and requests made and then initiate the necessary follow up action appropriate to each of the mails received. If the contents and subject of your customer’s email matches with the records in the CRM, then you can also achieve added functions including attaching email and to do instructions, comments and tickets. Over and above, you can also reply emails, compose new messages, and forward mails. You may use this feature to run email campaigns sending bulk emails in a way saving on costs, manpower and hassles. Thus, this tool is highly useful both for managing CRM related activities as well as promoting your products and services.

There are several avenues to capture leads. The primary source is the company website. In addition, the other potential sources could be third party websites including, justdial, sulekha, 99acres and others that are popularly used by the customers. The leads thus gathered are then juggled to contacts. This functionality can be used to send instant emails to prospective buyers with the product details. You can also schedule forwarding automated follow-up emails to the clients regularly in the time line decided by you. This can also take into account the lead status while prioritizing the schedule for follow-up. Emails thus sent will appear unique as though personally sent by the company representative with the necessary contact details and authorized signature. You may arrange to feed in some custom templates to be used for automated follow-up.


This functionality allows you to keep a close track of the incoming payments. With this feature, you can receive payments for the goods and services delivered to your customers. You can integrate this functionality with online secure payment gateways to ensure that your payments are received quicker. In order to achieve this functionality, you just have to get a merchant account online and integrate the same with this tool. If you prefer to make use of this functionality without a merchant account, still you can enter the details manually and track the payments made through invoice records. As others, this tool also can be customized for the user definitions in a way addressing your specific needs and preferences.



Reports tool is the crown jewel of the various functionalities of rSoft and the most characteristic tool of this platform that is rarely found in any of the similar products. This tool generates periodical reports of all the above mentioned modules, creating a comprehensive record of the proceedings in the office on day to day, weekly as well as monthly basis. Thus, automatically all the processes, activities and movements in and out of your office connected to your business are digitalized and recorded for future reference. Once effectively used, this feature can significantly add a great amount of professionalism to your business. The advantages of this functionality include reducing over head costs and the salaries, minimizing paper work, taking informed decision with regard to the future policies of the company, having a highly reliable ready reckoner backlog of information for any reference in future, improving the efficiency of the working of your office and several others. All the reports can be custom generated in the format the client wants as well as in a highly easy to understand way.